Negar Rostamzadeh

I am a Research Scientist at Google Brain Ethical AI team, where I study social impact of machine learning technologies. In particular, I am interested in retrospective research in computer vision technologies and evaluation systems with ethical perspectives.

Prior to that, I was a research scientist at Element AI, on computer vision and cross-modal learning problems: particularly in the low data regime.

I received my PhD from the University of Trento Multimedia and Human Understanding group, where I was advised by Nicu Sebe. My PhD was centered around video understanding problems.

During my PhD, I was a research intern at the Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithm, MILA, under the supervision of Aaron Courville, where I worked on video captioning, and generatiotion. I was also a research intern at the Queen Mary University of London Multimedia and Vision group , under the supervision of Yiannis Patras, focusing on human body-pose estimation in fashion images with uncommon clothing and in videos. As part of my PhD, I did a research internship at Google’s Research and Machine Intelligence group, where I worked on large-scale video understanding problems.

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